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Facial rejuvenation in Cambridge

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We provide high quality non surgical aesthetic treatments in the comfort of your own home in Cambridgeshire.


The treatments are provided by registered and qualified clinical practitioners.

Facial aesthetics are vital in this day and age.  Facial harmony and optimal skin care ooze well being and boost self- confidence.


Dermaesthetica provides advice and treatment in the safety and security of your own home in Cambridgeshire. We offer a range of appointment times in the evenings and weekends, which could easily be organised by giving us a quick phone call.


We offer a range of facial rejuvenation treatment options in Cambridgeshire. All treatments are carried out by fully qualified and fully insured practitioners who have invested in the latest techniques, technology and equipment available.


Why choose us?


 •  Own home setting

 •  Refundable consultation

 •  Free of charge review

 •  Experienced team

 •  Easy access by phone

 •  Advanced treatment options

Welcome to Dermaesthetica

"The care I received during and after the treatments was very professional, confidential and caring. I will be having more treatments as needed. Outstanding service and treatment.”